Strategy is the road map that outlines where your business is right now, where you want it to go within a certain time frame and how this will be achieved and measured. It requires considerable thought, tactics and focus.

The most successful digital strategies set realistic objectives with an endgame in mind. So what’s your next move?

Search engine optimisation

Visibility and quality traffic are vital for any website. With an estimated 876 million websites on the internet, finding your website could be likened to searching for a needle in a haystack. For this reason you need a longterm SEO Strategy to achieve top rankings in organic search. We At Damn Good Digital understand this and see SEO as fundamental in creating or updating any website.


When managed correctly, Google Adwords delivers an excellent ROI. Our highly experienced team will manage your campaigns with the view to achieving the best possible results at the lowest cost.

Behind every search an invisible auction takes place. Its not just the highest bid that wins – ads also compete on relevancy, performance and landing page quality in what is known as ‘Quality Score’. When requested to manage existing Adwords accounts, invariably we find a huge wastage in budget due to poorly setup campaigns. Talk to us today if you are interested in increasing your conversion rates while reducing your monthly ad spend.

Email marketing

Some thought email was for the birds but it is still flying high in 2016. It remains highly effective in acquiring customers and is relatively inexpensive to deploy. Stay ‘top of mind’ with your existing customers and create opportunities to upsell.

We tailor dynamic email creative for your business while taking care of your objectives. Our 3 Point Email Strategy will help your business go stratespheric.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is an ongoing process required to improve the performance of your website. A conversion is something you want your prospects to do on your website and can be anything from a form sign-up to a sale. We won’t let your web visitors get stuck in the sand, but rather will optimise the user experience and monitor engagement levels with the goal of increasing conversions.

Social media

In today’s world Social Media plays an essential role in any inbound marketing campaign worth it’s salt. As it’s never been so easy to publish online, your content must be ‘remarkable’ to be ‘shareable’. More and more we are seeing social sharing as an important factor in search engine ranking. Although social media offers the chance to engage with customers on a more personal level, it also means exposing your brand to risks that need to be carefully managed.

In developing your Social Media Strategy we will first identify the right channels for your business and help you harness the power of the platform to promote your brand and services.